Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cats, Dogs and Squirrels


  1. These are your best doodle drawings to date. I'm in love with each one. I love how the squirrel looks like a super-hero; ready to for a fight. A Kipling looks like he could cause some trouble too. And the dog is ready to roam. These are super fun.

  2. haha, love these doodles. The squirrel one has to be my favorite, heh.

  3. Well we have something in common.
    You get headaches while writing ,and I get them from digital art(if you wanna call it that).
    LOL !
    Cool post !

  4. That squirrel does have an attitude problem! He could care less what I think. So nice to meet Steve and Max!and IF you are the BEST!